Lab Test Of Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Your lawn needs a healthy start with a proper amount of liquid fertilizer. So, do you think that the liquid form can provide this? Let’s find out more about the lab test of liquid organic fertilizer. Read on to know more.

lab test of liquid organic fertilizer


It is a fact that a lot of fertilizers in liquid form tend to be too rich in nutrients. This means that they are not useful at all. Liquid fertilizers have been designed in such a way that their solid contents are broken down slowly while retaining important minerals like potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. When you apply liquid fertilizer, you get the best of both worlds – nutrients and slow release nutrients that ensure that your lawn gets a well-balanced nutrition throughout the growing season. However, there are always exceptions and the best liquid fertilizers for your lawn are those that pass a proper lab test.

So, how do you make sure that the fertilizer you’re applying on your lawn isn’t too rich in nutrients? You do this by conducting a soil test. A lab test of liquid fertilizer must be conducted before you apply it on your lawn to make sure that its contents are suitable for your type of soil.

So, what exactly would be included in the soil test? First of all, the pH level of the soil must be tested. It should be noted that different types of soils have different pH levels. The pH level of your soil can be determined by using a kit or through experimentation.

Then, the nutrient quantity should also be determined. Depending on the type of fertilizer you intend to use, the lab test of liquid fertilizer may also seek to confirm whether there are still unrefined nutrients left in your soil. Unrefined nutrients are those necessary for the health of the plant, like nitrogen, iron and other trace elements.

The final step in the lab test of liquid fertilizer would seek to determine the amount of free soil carbon and the extent of its saturation with nitrogen. Usually, a healthy lawn needs about five percent nitrogen to stay green and healthy. However, some types of soils may need more. In this case, the lab test of fertilizer must again be conducted to determine the actual amount of nitrogen that needs to be applied to your lawn. Free soil carbon is defined as the remaining portion of the soil that hasn’t been consumed by plant roots.

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